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public interface: ConfigurationStore [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    MavenConfigStore, LocalConfigStore, RepositoryConfigurationStore, MockConfigStore, MasterConfigurationStore, MockConfigStore, NullConfigurationStore, MockConfigStore

Interface to a store for Configurations.
Method from org.apache.geronimo.kernel.config.ConfigurationStore Summary:
containsConfiguration,   createNewConfigurationDir,   exportConfiguration,   getAbstractName,   getObjectName,   install,   isInPlaceConfiguration,   listConfigurations,   loadConfiguration,   resolve,   uninstall
Method from org.apache.geronimo.kernel.config.ConfigurationStore Detail:
 public boolean containsConfiguration(Artifact configId)
    Determines if the store contains a configuration with the specified ID. The configuration need not be loaded or running, this just checks whether the configuration store has the data for it.
 public File createNewConfigurationDir(Artifact configId) throws ConfigurationAlreadyExistsException
    Creates an empty directory for a new configuration with the specified configId
 public  void exportConfiguration(Artifact configId,
    OutputStream output) throws IOException, NoSuchConfigException
    Exports a configuration as a ZIP file.
 public AbstractName getAbstractName()
    Return the object name for the store.
 public String getObjectName()
    Return the object name for the store.
 public  void install(ConfigurationData configurationData) throws IOException, InvalidConfigException
    Move the unpacked configuration directory into this store
 public boolean isInPlaceConfiguration(Artifact configId) throws NoSuchConfigException, IOException
    Determines if the identified configuration is an in-place one. This means that the configuration store only stores some meta-data and the actual content of the configuration is rooted somewhere else.
 public List<ConfigurationInfo> listConfigurations()
    Return the configurations in the store
 public ConfigurationData loadConfiguration(Artifact configId) throws NoSuchConfigException, IOException, InvalidConfigException
    Loads the specified configuration into the kernel
 public Set<URL> resolve(Artifact configId,
    String moduleName,
    String path) throws NoSuchConfigException, MalformedURLException
    Locate the physical locations which match the supplied path in the given artifact/module. The path may be an Ant-style pattern.
 public  void uninstall(Artifact configId) throws NoSuchConfigException, IOException
    Removes a configuration from the store