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public interface: ManageableAttributeStore [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    LocalPluginAttributeStore, MavenAttributeStore, SwitchableLocalAttributeManager, PluginAttributeStore, LocalAttributeManager

Able to retrieve the values of certain "manageable" attributes from a repository that is more accessible to an end user (compared to the serialized data in the ConfigStore).
Field Summary
public static final  String ATTRIBUTE_STORE     
Method from org.apache.geronimo.kernel.config.ManageableAttributeStore Summary:
addGBean,   applyOverrides,   save,   setReferencePatterns,   setShouldLoad,   setValue
Method from org.apache.geronimo.kernel.config.ManageableAttributeStore Detail:
 public  void addGBean(Artifact configurationName,
    GBeanData gbeanData,
    ClassLoader classLoader)
    Adds a GBean to the configuration.
 public Collection applyOverrides(Artifact configurationName,
    Collection<GBeanData> datas,
    ClassLoader classLoader) throws InvalidConfigException
    Given a configuration name and a set of GBeanDatas, apply all the saved overrides to that set of GBeans before the caller attempts to load them.
 public  void save() throws IOException
    Saves the current values to persistent storage. This should be called when the server is shut down or more often, to make sure that any changes will be reflected the next time the server starts and the store is consulted.
 public  void setReferencePatterns(Artifact configurationName,
    AbstractName gbean,
    GReferenceInfo reference,
    ReferencePatterns patterns)
    Sets the pattern for a GBean reference. The reference is identified by the configuration name, GBean ObjectName, and reference information. To "null-out" the reference use setReferencePatterns(configurationName, gbean, reference, Collections.EMPTY_SET).
 public  void setShouldLoad(Artifact configurationName,
    AbstractName gbean,
    boolean load)
    Sets whether a particular GBean should be loaded for this configuration. The GBean must already exist in the configuration, this just toggles the flag for whether to stop it from loading when the configuration is loaded.
 public  void setValue(Artifact configurationName,
    AbstractName gbean,
    GAttributeInfo attribute,
    Object value,
    ClassLoader classLoader)
    Sets the stored value for a particular attribute. The attribute is identified by the configuration name, GBean ObjectName, and attribute information. Note: it is not possible to store a meaningful value of "null"; that would be treated the same as if no value was stored. Generally, whenever the value for a manageable attribute is changed, this method should be called so that value isn't reversed the next time the GBean is started.