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ArtifactManager     code | html
ArtifactResolver     code | html
ArtifactTypeHandler     code | html
FileWriteMonitor   An interface for getting notifications on the progress of file writes.  code | html
ListableRepository   For repositories that can provide a list of their contents.  code | html
Repository   Provides access to things like JARs via a standard API.  code | html
WritableListableRepository     code | html
WriteableRepository   A repository that accepts new entries.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractRepository     code | html


Artifact     code | html
ClassLoadingRule     code | html
ClassLoadingRules     code | html
CopyArtifactTypeHandler     code | html
DefaultArtifactManager     code | html
DefaultArtifactResolver     code | html
Dependency   A dependency of a Geronimo configuration.  code | html
Environment   holds the data from the EnvironmentType xml while it is being resolved, transitively closed, etc.  code | html
ImportType     code | html
Maven2Repository     code | html
MissingDependencyException     code | html
MultipleMatchesException   Indicates that you tried to resolve a partially-populated artifact to a real artifact expecting one match but you got multiple matches.  code | html
UnpackArtifactTypeHandler     code | html
Version   Default implementation of artifact versioning.  code | html