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Maven2RepositoryAdapter.ArtifactLookup     code | html
PlanProcessorMojo.Inserter     code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractCarMojo   Support for packaging Mojos.  code | html


AbstractCarMojo.Scanner.Accept     code | html
AbstractCarMojo.ArtifactLookupImpl     code | html
AbstractCarMojo.Scanner     code | html
ArchiveCarMojo   Jar up a packaged plugin  code | html
ArchiveMojo     code | html
ClasspathElement   Represents a Maven-artifact with additional classpath prefix details to build a jar's Manifest Class-Path.  code | html
CreatePluginListMojo   Creates or replaces a geronimo-plugins.xml catalog of geronimo plugins in the local maven repository.  code | html
Dependency     code | html
DependencyChangeMojo   Check if the dependencies have changed  code | html
InstallModulesMojo   Installs Geronimo module CAR files into a target repository to support assembly.  code | html
Maven2RepositoryAdapter   Helps adapt Geronimo repositories to Maven repositories for packaging building.  code | html
MavenAttributeStore   ???  code | html
MavenConfigStore   Implementation of ConfigurationStore that loads Configurations from a repository.  code | html
ModuleId     code | html
Override     code | html
PackageMojo   Build a Geronimo Configuration using the local Maven infrastructure.  code | html
PlanProcessorMojo   Add module id and dependencies to a plan and process with velocity  code | html
PluginMetadataGeneratorMojo   Generate a geronimo-plugin.xml file based on configuration in the pom and car-maven-plugin configuration.  code | html
ServerInstance   This class exists only to help maven set the values.  code | html
UpdatePluginListMojo   Maintain the geronimo-plugins.xml catalog in the local maven repository by merging in the geronimo-plugin.xml from the current project.  code | html
UseMavenDependencies     code | html
ValidateConfigurationMojo   Check that all dependencies mentioned explicitly in the car-maven-plugin configuration are present as maven dependencies.  code | html