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Abstract Classes:

ReadOnlyContext.LocalNamingEnumeration     code | html


ComponentContextBuilder   TODO consider removing this class. The only purpose is to slightly hide the internalBind method.  code | html
ComponentContextInterceptor   An interceptor that pushes the current component's java:comp context into the java: JNDI namespace  code | html
ContextBuilderTest.TestProxyFactory     code | html
ReadOnlyContext   A read-only Context in the java: namespace.  code | html
ReadOnlyContext.ListBindingEnumeration     code | html
ReadOnlyContext.ListEnumeration     code | html
RootContext   The root context for the java: namespace.  code | html
SimpleReadOnlyContext     code | html
javaURLContextFactory   URLContextFactory for the java: JNDI namespace.  code | html

All Test Cases:

AbstractContextTest     code | html
BasicContextTest   Unit tests for basic ops on an javax.naming.InitialContext code | html
ContextBuilderTest     code | html
ThreadContextTest   Test component context can be inherited by Threads spawned by a component.  code | html