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Sub Packages:



EntityManagerWrapper     code | html
ExtendedEntityManagerRegistry     code | html


CMPEntityManagerExtended     code | html
CMPEntityManagerTxScoped     code | html
CMPEntityManagerTxScoped.EntityManagerWrapperTxScoped     code | html
EntityManagerExtendedRegistry     code | html
InternalCMPEntityManagerExtended   InternalCMPEntityManagerExtended is an EntityManager wrapper that CMPEntityManagerExtended wraps the real EntityManager with and registers with the transaction.  code | html
NoTxQueryWrapper   The JtaQuery is a wrapper around a query and and entity manager that automatically closes the entity managers when the query is finished.  code | html
PersistenceUnitGBean     code | html
PersistenceUnitGBean.PersistenceUnitInfoImpl     code | html
TransactionListener     code | html
TransformerWrapper     code | html