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RealmBridge   Interface for bridging between realms.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractBridgeTest     code | html
AbstractPrincipalMappingUserPasswordRealmBridge     code | html
AbstractRealmBridge     code | html
AbstractUserPasswordBridgeTest     code | html


CallerIdentityUserPasswordRealmBridge     code | html
ConfiguredIdentityUserPasswordRealmBridge   ConfiguredIdentityRealmBridge supplies a constant mapping between realms: it always returns the configured user and password, no matter what the source realm or source subject.  code | html
MappingUserPasswordBridgeTest.TestMappingBridge     code | html
MappingUserPasswordBridgeTest.TestPasswordPrincipal     code | html
MappingUserPasswordBridgeTest.TestPrincipalPrincipal     code | html
MappingUserPasswordBridgeTest.TestUserNamePrincipal     code | html
PropertiesFilePrincipalMappingUserPasswordRealmBridge   works off a property file with lines of the format: sourceprincipalname=targetprincipal:targetuser:targetpassword

all three can be mapped separately; the source for each key is from the appropriate principal class and possibly callback name. 

code | html
TestLoginModule     code | html
TestPrincipal     code | html

All Test Cases:

AbstractBridgeTest     code | html
AbstractUserPasswordBridgeTest     code | html
CallerIdentityUserPasswordBridgeTest     code | html
ConfiguredIdentityUserPasswordBridgeTest     code | html
MappingUserPasswordBridgeTest     code | html