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ConfigurationEntryFactory   A factory interface used by GeronimoLoginConfiguration to obtain AppConfigurationEntry[]s from GBean configuration entries.  code | html
ConfigurationFactory     code | html
JaasLoginModuleChain     code | html
JaasLoginServiceMBean   Interface used to connect to the JaasLoginService via remoting, etc.  code | html
LoginModuleSettings     code | html


ClassOptionLoginModule   This provides a workaround to the problem of the LoginContext not knowing what classloader to use for creating LoginModules.  code | html
ConfiguredIdentityNamedUsernamePasswordLoginModule   ConfiguredIdentityNamedUsernamePasswordLoginModule adds a geronimo-specific NamedUsernamePasswordCredential to the subject constructed from the configured username, password, and credential name.  code | html
DecouplingCallbackHandler   This callback handler separates the process of obtaining callbacks from the user from the process of providing the user's values to the login module.  code | html
DirectConfigurationEntry   Exposes a LoginModule directly to JAAS clients, without any particular wrapping by Geronimo.  code | html
ExpiredLoginModuleException     code | html
GeronimoLoginConfiguration   A JAAS configuration mechanism (associating JAAS configuration names with specific LoginModule configurations).  code | html
JaasClientId     code | html
JaasLoginCoordinator   A LoginModule implementation which connects to a Geronimo server under the covers, and uses Geronimo realms to resolve the login.  code | html
JaasLoginCoordinator.ClientLoginModule     code | html
JaasLoginCoordinator.ServerLoginModule     code | html
JaasLoginModuleConfiguration   Describes the configuration of a LoginModule -- its name, class, control flag, options, and the Geronimo extension for whether it should run on the client side or server side.  code | html
JaasLoginModuleUse   Holds a reference to a login module and the control flag.  code | html
JaasLoginService   The single point of contact for Geronimo JAAS realms.  code | html
JaasLoginService.ExpirationMonitor     code | html
JaasSecurityContext   Tracks security information about a single user.  code | html
LoginModuleConfiguration   Helper class that stores a login module with its associated control flag.  code | html
LoginModuleControlFlag   A wrapper for the JAAS login module control flag that is Serializable.  code | html
LoginModuleControlFlagEditor   A property editor for login module flags.  code | html
LoginModuleGBean   A GBean that wraps a LoginModule, plus options to configure the LoginModule.  code | html
LoginUtils   Helper class the computes the login result across a number of separate login modules.  code | html
MultipleLoginDomainTest.MockLoginModule     code | html
MultipleLoginDomainTest.MockLoginModule2     code | html
NamedUPCredentialLoginModule   Inserts named Username/Password credential into private credentials of Subject.  code | html
NamedUsernamePasswordCredential     code | html
ServerRealmConfigurationEntry   Creates a LoginModule configuration that will connect a server-side component to a security realm.  code | html
SingleLoginConfiguration     code | html
UPCredentialLoginModule   Inserts Username/Password credential into private credentials of Subject.  code | html
UsernamePasswordCallback   Convenience callback handler.  code | html
UsernamePasswordCredential   A username/password credential.  code | html
WrappingLoginModule     code | html

All Test Cases:

ConfigurationEntryTest     code | html
LoginKerberosNonGeronimoTest   An example of how to setup non-Geronimo login modules when the GeronimoLoginConfiguration has been installed in the JVM.  code | html
LoginKerberosTest     code | html
LoginPropertiesFileTest     code | html
LoginSQLTest     code | html
MultipleLoginDomainTest     code | html
TimeoutTest     code | html