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public class: GeronimoPasswordCredentialLoginModule [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

GeronimoPasswordCredentialLoginModule stores the user name and password in a GeronimoPasswordCredential. This allows an application to retrieve the subject through jacc or the geronimo specific ContextManager and find out what the password was. I can't think of any other reason to use it right now. This login module does not check credentials so it should never be able to cause a login to succeed. Therefore the lifecycle methods must return false to indicate success or throw a LoginException to indicate failure.
Field Summary
public static final  List<String> supportedOptions     
Method from org.apache.geronimo.security.realm.providers.GeronimoPasswordCredentialLoginModule Summary:
abort,   commit,   initialize,   login,   logout
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Method from org.apache.geronimo.security.realm.providers.GeronimoPasswordCredentialLoginModule Detail:
 public boolean abort() throws LoginException 
 public boolean commit() throws LoginException 
 public  void initialize(Subject subject,
    CallbackHandler callbackHandler,
    Map sharedState,
    Map options) 
 public boolean login() throws LoginException 
 public boolean logout() throws LoginException