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ClearableCallbackHandler     code | html
GeronimoCallerPrincipal   This is a marker interface used to indicate that a particular principal should be returned from getCallerPrincipal().  code | html


CertificateCallback     code | html
CertificateCallbackHandler     code | html
CertificateChainCallback     code | html
CertificateChainCallbackHandler     code | html
CertificateChainLoginModule   An example LoginModule that authenticates based on a client certificate.  code | html
CertificatePropertiesFileLoginModule   An example LoginModule that reads a list of credentials and group from a file on disk.  code | html
ConstantLoginModule   ConstantLoginModule allows a single user and multiple group principals to be added to an authenticated Subject via configuration during application deployment.  code | html
FileAuditLoginModule   Writes audit records to a file for all authentication activity.  code | html
GeronimoGroupPrincipal   A principal that represents a group for the login modules distributed with Geronimo.  code | html
GeronimoPasswordCredential     code | html
GeronimoPasswordCredentialLoginModule   GeronimoPasswordCredentialLoginModule stores the user name and password in a GeronimoPasswordCredential.  code | html
GeronimoPropertiesFileMappedPasswordCredentialLoginModule   GeronimoPropertiesFileMappedPasswordCredentialLoginModule adds NamedUsernamePasswordCredentials to the Subject.  code | html
GeronimoUserPrincipal   A principal that represents a user for the login modules distributed with Geronimo.  code | html
KerberosLoginModule   Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements.  code | html
LDAPLoginModule   LDAPLoginModule is a login module using ldap as an authentication store.  code | html
NamedUsernamePasswordCredentialLoginModule   Inserts named Username/Password credential into private credentials of Subject.  code | html
PasswordCallbackHandler     code | html
PropertiesFileLoginModule   A LoginModule that reads a list of credentials and group from files on disk.  code | html
PropertiesFileNoPasswordLoginModule   This login module should only be used if the user is already authenticated, such as from client cert or openid, and the only remaining task is to add group information.  code | html
RepeatedFailureLockoutLoginModule   Tracks the number of recent login failures for each user, and starts rejecting login attemps if the number of failures in a certain period for a particular user gets too high.  code | html
RepeatedFailureLockoutLoginModule.LoginHistory   Tracks failure attempts for a user, and calculates lockout status and expiry, etc.  code | html
SQLLoginModule   A login module that loads security information from a SQL database.  code | html