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Sub Packages:



LocalPluginAttributeStore     code | html
PluginAttributeStore   Extension to the ManageableAttributeStore that supports the plugin installer.  code | html


AttributesXmlUtil     code | html
ConfigurationOverride     code | html
ConfigurationStoreUtil   Utility methods for dealing with checksums (hashes) of files in the configuration store.  code | html
ConfigurationStoreUtil.ChecksumOutputStream     code | html
ExecutableConfigurationUtil     code | html
FileConfigurationList   GBean that saves a list of configurations, for example to allow a server to restart automatically.  code | html
GBeanOverride     code | html
InPlaceConfigurationUtil   //todo make this package access again!  code | html
InvalidAttributeException     code | html
LocalAttributeManager   Stores managed attributes in an XML file on the local filesystem.  code | html
LocalConfigStore   Implementation of ConfigurationStore using the local filesystem.  code | html
MockGBean   Copyright 2003-2004 The Apache Software Foundation Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.  code | html
RepositoryConfigurationStore   Implementation of ConfigurationStore GBean that installs/loads Configurations from a repository.  code | html
ServerOverride     code | html
SwitchableLocalAttributeManager     code | html

All Test Cases:

LocalConfigStoreTest     code | html