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public final class: CachingLog4jLog [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

This log wrapper caches the trace, debug and info enabled flags. The flags are updated by a single timer task for all logs.
 public CachingLog4jLog(String name) 
 public CachingLog4jLog(Logger logger) 
Method from org.apache.geronimo.system.logging.log4j.CachingLog4jLog Summary:
debug,   debug,   error,   error,   fatal,   fatal,   info,   info,   isDebugEnabled,   isErrorEnabled,   isFatalEnabled,   isInfoEnabled,   isTraceEnabled,   isWarnEnabled,   trace,   trace,   updateLevelInfo,   warn,   warn
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Method from org.apache.geronimo.system.logging.log4j.CachingLog4jLog Detail:
 public  void debug(Object message) 
 public  void debug(Object message,
    Throwable throwable) 
 public  void error(Object message) 
 public  void error(Object message,
    Throwable throwable) 
 public  void fatal(Object message) 
 public  void fatal(Object message,
    Throwable throwable) 
 public  void info(Object message) 
 public  void info(Object message,
    Throwable throwable) 
 public boolean isDebugEnabled() 
 public boolean isErrorEnabled() 
 public boolean isFatalEnabled() 
 public boolean isInfoEnabled() 
 public boolean isTraceEnabled() 
 public boolean isWarnEnabled() 
 public  void trace(Object message) 
 public  void trace(Object message,
    Throwable throwable) 
 public  void updateLevelInfo() 
 public  void warn(Object message) 
 public  void warn(Object message,
    Throwable throwable)