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DownloadPoller   An interface for callers who want to monitor the progress of an installation.  code | html
Farm   This belongs in the clustering/geronimo-plugin-farm module but is here due to current gshell limitations with adding commands in other classloaders.  code | html
HeartbeatMonitor     code | html
NewServerInstance     code | html
OpenResult     code | html
PluginInstaller   Knows how to import and export configurations  code | html
PluginRepositoryList   Interface for a service that lists available plugin repositories.  code | html
ServerArchiver     code | html
SourceRepository     code | html


ArchiverGBean     code | html
DownloadResults   Provides the results of a configuration download operation.  code | html
GeronimoSourceRepository     code | html
GeronimoSourceRepository.RepoWrapper     code | html
GeronimoSourceRepository.ZipOpenResult     code | html
LocalOpenResult     code | html
LocalSourceRepository     code | html
NewServerInstanceGBean     code | html
NoServerInstanceException     code | html
PluginInstallerGBean   A GBean that knows how to download configurations from a Maven repository.  code | html
PluginInstallerGBean.LoggingPoller     code | html
PluginInstallerGBean.PluginKey     code | html
PluginInstallerGBean.PluginNameIDHandler   Helper clas to extract a name and module ID from a plugin metadata file.  code | html
PluginInstallerGBean.ResultsFileWriteMonitor   Helper class to bridge a FileWriteMonitor to a DownloadPoller.  code | html
PluginRepositoryDownloader   An implementation of PluginRepositoryList that downloads plugins from an Apache web site.  code | html
PluginXmlUtil     code | html
PluginXmlUtil.NamespaceFilter     code | html
ReferenceServerInstanceData     code | html
RemoteSourceRepository     code | html
RemoteSourceRepository.RemoteOpenResult     code | html
ServerInstance     code | html
ServerInstanceData     code | html
SnapshotVersion   SnapshotVersion is like Version but holds extra fields that appear in the filename of a snapshot artifact.  code | html