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public interface: ServerInfo [javadoc | source]

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Contains information about the server and functions for resolving pathnames.
Method from org.apache.geronimo.system.serverinfo.ServerInfo Summary:
getBaseDirectory,   getBuildDate,   getBuildTime,   getCopyright,   getCurrentBaseDirectory,   getVersion,   resolve,   resolve,   resolvePath,   resolveServer,   resolveServer,   resolveServerPath
Method from org.apache.geronimo.system.serverinfo.ServerInfo Detail:
 public String getBaseDirectory()
    A config.xml setting for the base directory. This is normally left null, which means the ServerInfo will use the Geronimo install directory.
 public String getBuildDate()
 public String getBuildTime()
 public String getCopyright()
 public String getCurrentBaseDirectory()
    The base directory that this ServerInfo is actually using.
 public String getVersion()
 public File resolve(String filename)
    Resolves a relative pathname to a File, relative to the server installation directory (e.g. "foo" becomes .../geronimo/foo)
 public URI resolve(URI uri)
 public String resolvePath(String filename)
 public File resolveServer(String filename)
    Resolves a relative pathname to a File, relative to the server configuration directory. Normally, this is the same as the Geronimo installation directory (e.g. "foo" becomes .../geronimo/foo). However, you can pass command-line arguments to the server to relocate this to a server-instance-specific directory (e.g. "var/foo" might become .../geronimo/instance1/var/foo if the server was started with the flag indicating that the server instance dir was "instance1").
 public URI resolveServer(URI uri)
 public String resolveServerPath(String filename)