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public interface Rule
extends org.apache.hivemind.Locatable

Rules associated with Schema elements. As the SchemaProcessor works through the org.apache.hivemind.Element hiearchy, it invokes methods on the Rules.

Method Summary
 void begin(SchemaProcessor processor, org.apache.hivemind.Element element)
          Begin rules are fired first, in order.
 void end(SchemaProcessor processor, org.apache.hivemind.Element element)
          End rules are fired last, in inverse order.
Methods inherited from interface org.apache.hivemind.Locatable

Method Detail


public void begin(SchemaProcessor processor,
                  org.apache.hivemind.Element element)
Begin rules are fired first, in order. All rules are invoked, and then the SchemaProcessor recurses into the elements contained within the element.


public void end(SchemaProcessor processor,
                org.apache.hivemind.Element element)
End rules are fired last, in inverse order.