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Package org.apache.hivemind.util

The main HiveMind package.


Class Summary
AbstractResource Abstract implementation of org.apache.hivemind.Resource.
ClassAdaptor Provides access to an object (of a particular class) as a set of individual property that may be read or updated.
ClasspathResource Implementation of org.apache.hivemind.Resource for resources found within the classpath.
ConstructorUtils Static methods for invoking constructors.
ContextResource Implementation of org.apache.hivemind.Resource for resources found within the web application context.
Defense Simple utilities for defensive programming.
EventListenerList Convienience class for tracking a list of event listeners.
FileResource An implementation of org.apache.hivemind.Resource built around
IdUtils A collection of utilities for handling qualified and unqualified ids.
InstanceCreationUtils Code for creating an instance, possibly setting its org.apache.hivemind.Location, and possibly initializing its properties.
IOUtils Tiny utilities used with InputStream and friends.
LocalizedContextResourceFinder Finds localized resources within the web application context.
LocalizedFileResourceFinder Used by FileResource to locate localizations of a given file.
LocalizedNameGenerator Used in a wide variety of resource searches.
LocalizedResource Contains the path to a localized resource and the locale for which it has been localized.
LocalizedResourceFinder Searches for a localization of a particular resource in the classpath (using a org.apache.hivemind.ClassResolver.
PropertyAdaptor Used to manage dynamic access to a property of a specific class.
PropertyUtils A collection of static methods used to perform property-level access on arbitrary objects.
StringUtils A subset of the utilities available in commons-lang StringUtils.
TestBodyBuilder Tests the utility class org.apache.hivemind.service.BodyBuilder, used with dynamic code generation.
TestClasspathResource Tests for ClasspathResource.
TestConstructorUtils Tests for ConstructorUtils.
TestContextResource Tests for ContextResource.
TestEventListenerList Tests for EventListenerList.
TestFileResource Tests for FileResource and LocalizedFileResourceFinder.
TestIdUtils Tests for IdUtils.
TestInstanceCreationUtils Tests for InstanceCreationUtils.
TestLocalizedContextResourceFinder Test for LocalizedResourceFinder.
TestLocalizedNameGenerator Suite of tests for org.apache.tapestry.util.LocalizedNameGenerator.
TestPropertyUtils Tests for the PropertyUtils class.
TestShutdownCoordinator Tests the org.apache.hivemind.impl.ShutdownCoordinator.
TestStringUtils Tests for the static StringUtils class.
TestToStringBuilder Tests for the ToStringBuilder class.
ToStringBuilder A simple replacement for the more involved version in commons-lang; this is used to help construct the description string returned by an object's toString() method.
URLResource An implementation of org.apache.hivemind.Resource built around a string representation of a URL.
UtilMessages Messages for the util package.

Package org.apache.hivemind.util Description

The main HiveMind package.