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org.apache.hivemind.util: Javadoc index of package org.apache.hivemind.util.

Package Samples:

org.apache.hivemind.util: The main HiveMind package.  


AbstractResource: Abstract implementation of org.apache.hivemind.Resource . Resource instances act as a kind of factory for new instances of the same type, via newResource(String) 55 .
TestFileResource: Tests for FileResource and LocalizedFileResourceFinder .
EventListenerList: Convienience class for tracking a list of event listeners. Works efficiently (using a copy-on-write approach) to iterating through the listeners in the list even when the list of listeners may be modified. EventListenerList is thread-safe.
TestConstructorUtils: Tests for ConstructorUtils . Alas (for the moment), just fills a few gaps ... most of the code is tested indirectly by code that uses it.
ContextResource: Implementation of org.apache.hivemind.Resource for resources found within the web application context. Note: moved from Tapestry. Originally part of Tapestry 3.0.
LocalizedNameGenerator: Used in a wide variety of resource searches. Generates a series of name variations from a base name, a java.util.Locale and an optional suffix.
InstanceCreationUtils: Code for creating an instance, possibly setting its org.apache.hivemind.Location , and possibly initializing its properties.
ToStringBuilder: A simple replacement for the more involved version in commons-lang; this is used to help construct the description string returned by an object's toString() method.
LocalizedResourceFinder: Searches for a localization of a particular resource in the classpath (using a org.apache.hivemind.ClassResolver .
FileResource: An implementation of org.apache.hivemind.Resource built around .
LocalizedFileResourceFinder: Used by FileResource to locate localizations of a given file.
TestBodyBuilder: Tests the utility class org.apache.hivemind.service.BodyBuilder , used with dynamic code generation.
URLResource: An implementation of org.apache.hivemind.Resource built around a string representation of a URL.
TestLocalizedContextResourceFinder: Test for LocalizedResourceFinder .
TestInstanceCreationUtils: Tests for InstanceCreationUtils .
TestToStringBuilder: Tests for the ToStringBuilder class.
TestStringUtils: Tests for the static StringUtils class.
ClasspathResource: Implementation of org.apache.hivemind.Resource for resources found within the classpath.
TestPropertyUtils: Tests for the PropertyUtils class.
TestClasspathResource: Tests for ClasspathResource .
TestEventListenerList: Tests for EventListenerList .
TestContextResource: Tests for ContextResource .
TestIdUtils: Tests for IdUtils .
LocalizedResource: Contains the path to a localized resource and the locale for which it has been localized. This object is immutable.
ClassAdaptor: Provides access to an object (of a particular class) as a set of individual property that may be read or updated.

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