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public class: BaseReflectionJavaType [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Direct Known Subclasses:
    JDOSupportedMapType, FloatingPointType, IntegralType, WrapperClassType, MutableValueClassType, JDOSupportedCollectionType, ValueClassType, PrimitiveType, PredefinedType, ReflectionJavaType

This class provides a basic JavaType implementation using a reflection Class instance.

Note, BaseReflectionJavaType must not be used for array types, since it inherits the default implemention of methods isArray and getArrayComponentType from its superclass AbstractJavaType.

Field Summary
protected  Class clazz    The java.lang.Class instance for this BaseReflectionJavaType. 
protected  JavaType superclass    The superclass JavaType. 
 public BaseReflectionJavaType(Class clazz,
    JavaType superclass) 
    Constructor. The specified java.lang.Class instance must not be null. The
    clazz - the Class instance representing the type
    superclass - JavaType instance representing the superclass.
Method from Summary:
getDeclaredJavaFields,   getDeclaredJavaProperties,   getJavaClass,   getJavaField,   getJavaProperty,   getModifiers,   getName,   getSuperclass,   getUnderlyingObject,   isCompatibleWith,   isInterface
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Method from Detail:
 public JavaField[] getDeclaredJavaFields() 
 public JavaProperty[] getDeclaredJavaProperties() 
 public Class getJavaClass() 
    Returns the java.lang.Class instance wrapped by this JavaType.
 public JavaField getJavaField(String fieldName) 
    Returns a JavaField instance that reflects the field with the specified name of the class or interface represented by this JavaType instance. The method returns null, if the class or interface (or one of its superclasses) does not have a field with that name.
 public JavaProperty getJavaProperty(String name) 
 public int getModifiers() 
    Returns the Java language modifiers for the field represented by this JavaType, as an integer. The java.lang.reflect.Modifier class should be used to decode the modifiers.
 public String getName() 
    Returns the name of the type. If this type represents a class or interface, the name is fully qualified.
 public JavaType getSuperclass() 
    Returns the JavaType representing the superclass of the entity represented by this JavaType. If this JavaType represents either the Object class, an interface, a primitive type, or void, then null is returned. If this object represents an array class then the JavaType instance representing the Object class is returned.
 public Object getUnderlyingObject() 
    Returns the environment specific instance wrapped by this JavaModel element. This implementation returns the java.lang.Class instance for this JavaType.
 public boolean isCompatibleWith(JavaType javaType) 
    Returns true if this JavaType is compatible with the specified JavaType.
 public boolean isInterface() 
    Determines if this JavaType object represents an interface type.