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public class: MutableValueClassType [javadoc | source]

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A MutableValueClassType instance represents a mutable class whoses values may be treated as values rather than refernces during storing. Note, MutableValueClassType instances are trackable which is the only difference in behavior to instances of the superclass ValueClassType.

Class PredefinedType provides public static final variables referring to the JavaType representation for mutable value class types.

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clazz,  superclass
 public MutableValueClassType(Class clazz,
    JavaType superclass,
    boolean orderable) 
    clazz - the Class instance representing the type
    superclass - JavaType instance representing the superclass.
    orderable - flag indicating whether this type is orderable.
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Method from Detail:
 public boolean isTrackable() 
    Returns true if this JavaType represents a trackable Java class. A JDO implementation may replace a persistent field of a trackable type with an assignment compatible instance of its own implementation of this type which notifies the owning FCO of any change of this field.