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public class: ReflectionJavaField [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    JavaField, JavaMember

A reflection based JavaField implementation used at runtime. The implementation takes java.lang.reflect.Field instances to get Java related metadata about fields.
Fields inherited from
 public ReflectionJavaField(Field field,
    JavaType declaringClass) 
    Constructor for fields w/o JDO metadata.
    field - the reflection field representation.
    declaringClass - the JavaType of the class that declares the field.
 public ReflectionJavaField(String fieldName,
    JavaType type,
    JavaType declaringClass) 
    Constructor for fields having JDO metadata.
    fieldName - the name of the field.
    type - the field type.
    declaringClass - the JavaType of the class that declares the field.
Method from Summary:
getJavaTypeForClass,   getType
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Method from Detail:
 public JavaType getJavaTypeForClass(Class clazz) 
    Returns a JavaType instance for the specified Class object. This method provides a hook such that ReflectionJavaField subclasses can implement their own mapping of Class objects to JavaType instances.
 public JavaType getType() 
    Returns the JavaType representation of the field type.