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public class: JDOArrayImplDynamic [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    JDOArray, JDORelationship, JDOElement

Direct Known Subclasses:

An instance of this class represents the JDO relationship metadata of a array relationship field. This dynamic implementation only stores property values explicitly set by setter method.
Field Summary
protected  Boolean embeddedElement    Property embeddedElement. 
Fields inherited from org.apache.jdo.impl.model.jdo.JDORelationshipImpl:
mappedBy,  inverse
Method from org.apache.jdo.impl.model.jdo.JDOArrayImplDynamic Summary:
getElementType,   getRelatedJavaType,   isEmbeddedElement,   isJDOArray,   setEmbeddedElement
Methods from org.apache.jdo.impl.model.jdo.JDORelationshipImpl:
getDeclaringField,   getInverseRelationship,   getInverseRelationshipName,   getLowerBound,   getMappedBy,   getRelatedJDOClass,   getRelatedJavaType,   getUpperBound,   isJDOArray,   isJDOCollection,   isJDOMap,   isJDOReference,   isOwner,   setDeclaringField,   setInverseRelationship,   setLowerBound,   setMappedBy,   setUpperBound
Methods from org.apache.jdo.impl.model.jdo.JDOElementImpl:
addPropertyChangeListener,   addVetoableChangeListener,   createJDOExtension,   firePropertyChange,   fireVetoableChange,   getJDOExtensions,   removeJDOExtension,   removePropertyChangeListener,   removeVetoableChangeListener
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Method from org.apache.jdo.impl.model.jdo.JDOArrayImplDynamic Detail:
 public JavaType getElementType() 
    Get the type representation of the array component type.
 public JavaType getRelatedJavaType() 
    Get the type representation of the relationship. This will be the JavaType for references, the element type for collections and arrays, and the value type for maps.
 public boolean isEmbeddedElement() 
    Determines whether the values of the elements should be stored if possible as part of the instance instead of as their own instances in the datastore.
 public boolean isJDOArray() 
    Determines whether this JDORelationship represents an array relationship or not. A return of true means this JDORelationship is a JDOArray instance.
 public  void setEmbeddedElement(boolean embeddedElement) 
    Set whether the values of the elements should be stored if possible as part of the instance instead of as their own instances in the datastore.