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public class: JDOMapImplCaching [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    JDOMap, JDORelationship, JDOElement

An instance of this class represents the JDO relationship metadata (the treatment of keys and values) of a map relationship field. This caching implementation caches any calulated value to avoid re-calculating it if it is requested again.
Fields inherited from org.apache.jdo.impl.model.jdo.JDOMapImplDynamic:
embeddedKey,  keyType,  embeddedValue,  valueType
Fields inherited from org.apache.jdo.impl.model.jdo.JDORelationshipImpl:
mappedBy,  inverse
Method from org.apache.jdo.impl.model.jdo.caching.JDOMapImplCaching Summary:
getInverseRelationship,   getKeyType,   getMappedBy,   getValueType,   isEmbeddedKey,   isEmbeddedValue
Methods from org.apache.jdo.impl.model.jdo.JDOMapImplDynamic:
getKeyType,   getKeyTypeName,   getRelatedJavaType,   getValueType,   getValueTypeName,   isEmbeddedKey,   isEmbeddedValue,   isJDOMap,   setEmbeddedKey,   setEmbeddedValue,   setKeyType,   setKeyTypeName,   setValueType,   setValueTypeName
Methods from org.apache.jdo.impl.model.jdo.JDORelationshipImpl:
getDeclaringField,   getInverseRelationship,   getInverseRelationshipName,   getLowerBound,   getMappedBy,   getRelatedJDOClass,   getRelatedJavaType,   getUpperBound,   isJDOArray,   isJDOCollection,   isJDOMap,   isJDOReference,   isOwner,   setDeclaringField,   setInverseRelationship,   setLowerBound,   setMappedBy,   setUpperBound
Methods from org.apache.jdo.impl.model.jdo.JDOElementImpl:
addPropertyChangeListener,   addVetoableChangeListener,   createJDOExtension,   firePropertyChange,   fireVetoableChange,   getJDOExtensions,   removeJDOExtension,   removePropertyChangeListener,   removeVetoableChangeListener
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from org.apache.jdo.impl.model.jdo.caching.JDOMapImplCaching Detail:
 public JDORelationship getInverseRelationship() 
    Get the inverse JDORelationship in the case of a two-way relationship.
 public JavaType getKeyType() 
    Get the type representation of the keys for this JDOMap.
 public JDORelationship getMappedBy() 
    Get the mappedBy relationship. If there is no mappedBy relationship set, the method checks the mappedBy name as specified in the declaring field and resolves the relationship. The method returns null if there is no mappedBy relationship set and there is no mappedBy name specified on the declaring field.
 public JavaType getValueType() 
    Get the type representation of the values for this JDOMap.
 public boolean isEmbeddedKey() 
    Determines whether the keys of the map should be stored if possible as part of the instance instead of as their own instances in the datastore.
 public boolean isEmbeddedValue() 
    Determines whether the values of the map should be stored if possible as part of the instance instead of as their own instances in the datastore.