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public class: JDOModelImplCaching [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    JDOModel, JDOElement

A JDOModel instance bundles a number of JDOClass instances used by an application. It provides factory methods to create and retrieve JDOClass instances. A fully qualified class name must be unique within a JDOModel instance. The model supports multiple classes having the same fully qualified name by different JDOModel instances.

The caching JDOModel implementation caches any caclulated value to avoid re-calculating it if it is requested again. It is intended to be used in an environment where JDO metadata does NOT change (e.g. at runtime).

Fields inherited from org.apache.jdo.impl.model.jdo.JDOModelImplDynamic:
msg,  xmlLogger,  logger
 protected JDOModelImplCaching(JavaModel javaModel,
    boolean loadXMLMetadataDefault) 
    Constructor. JDOModel instances are created using the JDOModelFactory only.
Method from org.apache.jdo.impl.model.jdo.caching.JDOModelImplCaching Summary:
getJDOClassForObjectIdClass,   getJDOClassForShortName,   isKnownNonPC,   knownNonPC,   newJDOClassInstance
Methods from org.apache.jdo.impl.model.jdo.JDOModelImplDynamic:
createJDOClass,   createJDOClass,   createJDOPackage,   getDeclaredClasses,   getDeclaredPackages,   getJDOClass,   getJDOClass,   getJDOClassForObjectIdClass,   getJDOClassForShortName,   getJDOPackage,   getJavaModel,   getParent,   getUnresolvedRelationshipHelper,   isKnownNonPC,   knownNonPC,   newJDOClassInstance,   setJavaModel
Methods from org.apache.jdo.impl.model.jdo.JDOElementImpl:
addPropertyChangeListener,   addVetoableChangeListener,   createJDOExtension,   firePropertyChange,   fireVetoableChange,   getJDOExtensions,   removeJDOExtension,   removePropertyChangeListener,   removeVetoableChangeListener
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Method from org.apache.jdo.impl.model.jdo.caching.JDOModelImplCaching Detail:
 public JDOClass getJDOClassForObjectIdClass(JavaType objectIdClass) 
    This method returns the JDOClass instance that defines the specified type as its objectId class. In the case of an inheritance hierarchy it returns the top most persistence-capable class of the hierarchy (see JDOClass#getPersistenceCapableSuperclass ).
 public synchronized JDOClass getJDOClassForShortName(String shortName) 
 protected boolean isKnownNonPC(String typeName) 
    Checks whether the type with the specified name does NOT denote a persistence-capable class.
 protected  void knownNonPC(String className) 
    Hook called when a class is known to be non persistence capable.
 protected JDOClass newJDOClassInstance(String name) 
    Returns a new instance of the JDOClass implementation class.