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public interface: JavaMember [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

All Known Implementing Classes:
    JavaField, JavaProperty, AbstractJavaMember, JavaMethod, ReflectionJavaField, ReflectionJavaMethod, JavaPropertyImpl, BaseReflectionJavaField

This is the super interface for named JavaModel elements having a declaring class such as JavaField, JavaMethod, etc.
Method from Summary:
getComponentType,   getDeclaringClass,   getModifiers,   getName,   getType
Method from Detail:
 public JavaType getComponentType()
    Returns the JavaType representation of the component type of the type of the member, if the field type is an array or collection. The method returns null, if the member type is not an array or collection.
 public JavaType getDeclaringClass()
    Returns the JavaType instance representing the class or interface that declares the member represented by this JavaMember instance.
 public int getModifiers()
    Returns the Java language modifiers for the field represented by this JavaMember, as an integer. The java.lang.reflect.Modifier class should be used to decode the modifiers.
 public String getName()
    Returns the name of the member.
 public JavaType getType()
    Returns the JavaType representation of the type of the member.