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JavaElement   This is the super interface for all the JavaModel elements, such as JavaField, JavaType, etc.  code | html
JavaField   A JavaField instance represents a field declared by a class.  code | html
JavaMember   This is the super interface for named JavaModel elements having a declaring class such as JavaField, JavaMethod, etc.  code | html
JavaMethod   A JavaMethod instance represents a method declared by a class.  code | html
JavaModel   A JavaModel instance bundles a number of JavaType instances and provides methods to retrieve JavaType instance by their name.  code | html
JavaModelFactory   The JavaModelFactory is the interface to use to obtain JavaModel instances.  code | html
JavaProperty   A JavaProperty instance represents a JavaBeans property.  code | html
JavaType   A JavaType instance represents a type as defined in the Java language.  code | html