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public interface: JDOMember [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    JDOElement, Comparable

All Known Implementing Classes:
    JDOAssociatedPropertyImplCaching, JDOAssociatedPropertyImplDynamic, JDOPropertyImplCaching, JDOClass, JDOFieldImplDynamic, JDOPropertyImplDynamic, JDOFieldImplCaching, JDOClassImplDynamic, JDOClassImplCaching, JDOField, JDOProperty, JDOMemberImpl

This is the super interface for named JDO metadata elements, such as JDOClass and JDOField.
Method from org.apache.jdo.model.jdo.JDOMember Summary:
getDeclaringClass,   getName
Method from org.apache.jdo.model.jdo.JDOMember Detail:
 public JDOClass getDeclaringClass()
    Get the declaring class of this JDOMember.
 public String getName()
    Returns the name of this JDOMember.