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Abstract Classes:

AbstractPersistenceCapableTest   This class is the super class for all persistence-capable tests.  code | html


CopyKeyFieldsFromObjectId   Title:CopyKeyFieldsFromObjectId of PersistenceCapable
Keywords: persistencecapable
Assertion IDs: A7.12-25
Assertion Description:

public void jdoCopyKeyFieldsFromObjectId(ObjectIdFieldConsumer fc, Object oid); This method copies fields to the field manager instance from the second parameter instance. 

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CopyKeyFieldsFromObjectId.ObjectIdFieldConsumer     code | html
NewObjectIdInstance   Title:NewObjectIdInstance of PersistenceCapable
Keywords: persistencecapable
Assertion IDs: A7.12-38, A7.12-39
Assertion Description:

For classes using single field identity method PersistenceCapable.newObjectIdInstance() must be called on a persistent instance with its primary key field initialized, or a JDONullIdentityException is thrown.

The instance returned is initialized with the value of the primary key field of the instance on which the method is called. 

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