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AggregateResult   Title: Aggregate Result.  code | html
DefaultResult   Title: Default Result.  code | html
DefaultUnique   Title: Default Unique.  code | html
DistinctCandidateInstances   Title: Distinct Candidate Instances.  code | html
DistinctQuery   Title: Disctinct Query.  code | html
Grouping   Title: Grouping.  code | html
ImmutableQueryResult   Title: Changing query result fails.  code | html
MethodsInResult   Title: Test using methods in the result expression
Keywords: query result
Assertion ID:
Assertion Description:  
code | html
NPEInResultExpr   Title: NullPointerException in Result Expression.  code | html
NullResults   Title: Null Results.  code | html
ProjectedSCODoesNotTrackChanges   Title: Projected Second Class Objects Do Not Track Their Changes
Keywords: embedded query
Assertion ID: [None yet]
Assertion Description: Section 14.6.9: Projected SCOs are never owned, projected FCOs are always managed. 
code | html
ResultClassRequirements   Title: Result Class Requirements.  code | html
ResultExpressions   Title: Result Expressions.  code | html
ShapeOfResult   Title: Shape of Result.  code | html
Unique   Title: Unique.  code | html
VariableInResult   Title: Variable in Result.  code | html
VariableInResultMultipleNavigation   Title: Variable in Result.  code | html
VariableInResultNavigation   Title: Variable in Result.  code | html