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DeepEquality   This DeepEquality interface defines a method indicating whether some other object is "deep equal to" this object.  code | html


BatchResultPrinter   Default result printer implementation for running tests in batch mode.  code | html
BatchResultPrinter.ErrorSummaryEntry     code | html
BatchTestRunner   TestRunner class for running a single test or a test suite in batch mode.  code | html
ClassGenerator     code | html
ConsoleFileOutput   Creates an output stream that delegates to System#out and to a file output stream.  code | html
ConversionHelper   Provides consersion functionality.  code | html
EqualityHelper   This is a utility class to support equality checking.  code | html
EqualityHelper.DeepEqualityEntryKeyComparator   Comparator used in method deepEquals comparing maps of DeepEquality.  code | html
GetSupportedOptions     code | html
JDOJdk14Logger   JDO-specific subclass of the apache commons logging Log implementation that wraps the standard JDK 1.4 logging.  code | html
ResultSummary   A serializable class used to store test results in a file.  code | html
RogueBarrier   Allows a set of threads to wait for all to reach a common barrier point.  code | html
RogueBarrier.Test     code | html
SystemCfgSummary   A class to produce a text summary of system configuration information.  code | html
TCKFileAppender   TCKFileAppender appends log events to a file.  code | html
TCKFileHandler   A JDK1.4 logging Handler class which delegates to a file handler.  code | html
TCKFileHandler.FileHandlerDelegate   This class has been defined to make method Handler#reportError(java.lang.String, java.lang.Exception, int) accessible in the outer class.  code | html
TestSelector   A test class selector. A simple dialog to pick the name of a test suite.  code | html
TestSelector.ClassNameTreeNode     code | html
ThreadExceptionHandler   This class extends java.lang.ThreadGroup and stores any uncaught exception of threads from this ThreadGroup for later retrieval.  code | html