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public class: FileRowColContainer [javadoc | source]
File data container for CSV (and similar delimited) files Data is accessible via row and column number
Field Summary
public static final  String DELIMITER     
 public FileRowColContainer(String file) throws IOException, FileNotFoundException 
 public FileRowColContainer(String file,
    String delim) throws IOException, FileNotFoundException 
Method from org.apache.jmeter.functions.FileRowColContainer Summary:
getColumn,   getDelimiter,   getFileName,   getSize,   nextRow
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Method from org.apache.jmeter.functions.FileRowColContainer Detail:
 public String getColumn(int row,
    int col) throws IndexOutOfBoundsException 
    Get the string for the column from the current row
 final String getDelimiter() 
 public String getFileName() 
 public int getSize() 
 public int nextRow() 
    Returns the next row to the caller, and updates it, allowing for wrap round