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AnchorModifier     code | html
ParamMask   This object defines with what a parameter has its value replaced, and the policies for how that value changes.  code | html
ParamModifier   This modifier will replace any single http sampler's url parameter value with a value from a given range - thereby "masking" the value set in the http sampler.  code | html
URLRewritingModifier     code | html
UserParameterModifier   This modifier will replace any http sampler's url parameter values with parameter values defined in a XML file for each simulated user.  code | html
UserParameterXMLContentHandler   The handler used to read in XML parameter data.  code | html
UserParameterXMLErrorHandler   XML Parseing errors for XML parameters file are handled here.  code | html
UserParameterXMLParser   Parse an XML file to obtain parameter name and value information for all users defined in the XML file.  code | html
UserSequence   This module controls the Sequence in which user details are returned.  code | html