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Abstract Classes:

HTMLParser   HtmlParsers can parse HTML content to obtain URLs.  code | html


HTMLParseError   Error class for use with HTMLParser classes.  code | html
HTMLParseException     code | html
HtmlParserHTMLParser   HtmlParser implementation using SourceForge's HtmlParser.  code | html
HtmlParserHTMLParser.URLPointer     code | html
HtmlParsingUtils     code | html
JTidyHTMLParser   HtmlParser implementation using JTidy.  code | html
RegexpHTMLParser   HtmlParser implementation using regular expressions.  code | html
URLCollection   Collection class designed for handling URLs Before a URL is added to the collection, it is wrapped in a URLString class.  code | html
URLCollection.UrlIterator     code | html
URLString   Helper class to allow URLs to be stored in Collections without incurring the cost of the hostname lookup performed by the URL methods equals() and hashCode() URL is a final class, so cannot be extended ...  code | html