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public class: ResultCollector [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    SampleListener, TestListener, Remoteable, NoThreadClone, Serializable, Clearable, TestElement

Direct Known Subclasses:

This class handles all saving of samples. The class must be thread-safe because it is shared between threads (NoThreadClone).
Field Summary
public static final  String FILENAME     
 public ResultCollector() 
Method from org.apache.jmeter.reporters.ResultCollector Summary:
clearData,   clone,   getFilename,   getSaveConfig,   isErrorLogging,   isSampleWanted,   isSampleWanted,   isSuccessOnlyLogging,   loadExistingFile,   recordStats,   sampleOccurred,   sampleStarted,   sampleStopped,   sendToVisualizer,   setErrorLogging,   setFilename,   setSaveConfig,   setSuccessOnlyLogging,   testEnded,   testEnded,   testIterationStart,   testStarted,   testStarted
Methods from org.apache.jmeter.reporters.AbstractListenerElement:
clone,   getVisualizer,   setListener
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Method from org.apache.jmeter.reporters.ResultCollector Detail:
 public  void clearData() 
 public Object clone() 
 public String getFilename() 
 public SampleSaveConfiguration getSaveConfig() 
 public boolean isErrorLogging() 
 public boolean isSampleWanted(boolean success) 
    Decides whether or not to a sample is wanted based on:
    - errorOnly
    - successOnly
    - sample success
    Should only be called for single samples.
 public static boolean isSampleWanted(boolean success,
    boolean errorOnly,
    boolean successOnly) 
    Decides whether or not to a sample is wanted based on:
    - errorOnly
    - successOnly
    - sample success
    This version is intended to be called by code that loops over many samples; it is cheaper than fetching the settings each time.
 public boolean isSuccessOnlyLogging() 
 public  void loadExistingFile() 
    Loads an existing sample data (JTL) file. This can be one of: - XStream format - Avalon format - CSV format
 public  void recordStats(TestElement e) throws Exception 
    recordStats is used to save statistics generated by visualizers
 public  void sampleOccurred(SampleEvent event) 
    When a test result is received, display it and save it.
 public  void sampleStarted(SampleEvent e) 
 public  void sampleStopped(SampleEvent e) 
 protected final  void sendToVisualizer(SampleResult r) 
 public  void setErrorLogging(boolean errorLogging) 
 public  void setFilename(String f) 
    Sets the filename attribute of the ResultCollector object.
 public  void setSaveConfig(SampleSaveConfiguration saveConfig) 
 public  void setSuccessOnlyLogging(boolean value) 
 public  void testEnded() 
 public  void testEnded(String host) 
 public  void testIterationStart(LoopIterationEvent event) 
 public  void testStarted() 
 public synchronized  void testStarted(String host)