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Sub Packages:



JMeterThreadMonitor     code | html


JMeterContext   Holds context for a thread.  code | html
JMeterContextService   Provides context service for JMeter threads.  code | html
JMeterThread   The JMeter interface to the sampling process, allowing JMeter to see the timing, add listeners for sampling events and to stop the sampling process.  code | html
JMeterThread.IterationListener     code | html
JMeterThread.ThreadListenerTraverser     code | html
JMeterVariables   Class which defines JMeter variables.  code | html
ListenerNotifier   Processes sample events.  code | html
ReflectionThreadGroup   ThreadGroup used for reflection purposes.  code | html
SamplePackage   Packages methods related to sample handling.  code | html
TestCompiler     code | html
TestCompiler.ObjectPair     code | html
ThreadGroup   ThreadGroup holds the settings for a JMeter thread group.  code | html