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abstract public class: AbstractTreeTableModel [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    TreeTableModel, Serializable, TableModel

Direct Known Subclasses:

Field Summary
protected  TreeNode rootNode     
protected  EventListenerList listener     
protected transient  ArrayList objects     
protected transient  List headers     
protected transient  ArrayList classes     
protected transient  ArrayList readFunctors     
protected transient  ArrayList writeFunctors     
Fields inherited from javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel:
dataVector,  columnIdentifiers
Fields inherited from javax.swing.table.AbstractTableModel:
 public AbstractTreeTableModel(TreeNode root) 
 public AbstractTreeTableModel(TreeNode root,
    boolean editable) 
 public AbstractTreeTableModel(String[] headers,
    Functor[] readFunctors,
    Functor[] writeFunctors,
    Class[] editorClasses) 
Method from org.apache.jorphan.gui.AbstractTreeTableModel Summary:
addTableModelListener,   clearData,   fireTreeNodesChanged,   getChild,   getChildCount,   getColumnClass,   getColumnCount,   getColumnName,   getRootNode,   getRowCount,   getValueAt,   getValueAt,   isCellEditable,   isCellEditable,   isLeaf,   nodeStructureChanged,   removeTableModelListener,   setValueAt,   setValueAt
Methods from javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel:
addColumn,   addColumn,   addColumn,   addRow,   addRow,   convertToVector,   convertToVector,   getColumnCount,   getColumnName,   getDataVector,   getRowCount,   getValueAt,   insertRow,   insertRow,   isCellEditable,   moveRow,   newDataAvailable,   newRowsAdded,   removeRow,   rowsRemoved,   setColumnCount,   setColumnIdentifiers,   setColumnIdentifiers,   setDataVector,   setDataVector,   setNumRows,   setRowCount,   setValueAt
Methods from javax.swing.table.AbstractTableModel:
addTableModelListener,   findColumn,   fireTableCellUpdated,   fireTableChanged,   fireTableDataChanged,   fireTableRowsDeleted,   fireTableRowsInserted,   fireTableRowsUpdated,   fireTableStructureChanged,   getColumnClass,   getColumnName,   getListeners,   getTableModelListeners,   isCellEditable,   removeTableModelListener,   setValueAt
Methods from java.lang.Object:
clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from org.apache.jorphan.gui.AbstractTreeTableModel Detail:
 public  void addTableModelListener(TableModelListener l) 
 public  void clearData() 
 public  void fireTreeNodesChanged(TreeNode source,
    Object[] path,
    int[] indexes,
    Object[] children) 
 public Object getChild(Object parent,
    int index) 
 public int getChildCount(Object parent) 
 public Class getColumnClass(int arg0) 
 public int getColumnCount() 
    The implementation is exactly the same as ObjectTableModel.getColumnCount.
 public String getColumnName(int columnIndex) 
 public Object getRootNode() 
    The root node for the TreeTable
 public int getRowCount() 
    The implementation is exactly the same as ObjectTableModel.getRowCount.
 public Object getValueAt(Object node,
    int col) 
 public Object getValueAt(int rowIndex,
    int columnIndex) 
    Subclasses need to implement the logic for the method and return the value at the specific cell.
 public boolean isCellEditable(Object node,
    int col) 
 public boolean isCellEditable(int rowIndex,
    int columnIndex) 
    By default the abstract class returns true. It is up to subclasses to override the implementation.
 public boolean isLeaf(Object node) 
    the implementation checks if the Object is a treenode. If it is, it returns isLeaf(), otherwise it returns false.
 public  void nodeStructureChanged(TreeNode node) 
 public  void removeTableModelListener(TableModelListener l) 
 public  void setValueAt(Object val,
    Object node,
    int column) 
 public  void setValueAt(Object aValue,
    int rowIndex,
    int columnIndex)