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ArabicAnalyzer   Analyzer for Arabic.  code | html
ArabicAnalyzer.DefaultSetHolder   Atomically loads the DEFAULT_STOP_SET in a lazy fashion once the outer class accesses the static final set the first time.;  code | html
ArabicAnalyzer.SavedStreams     code | html
ArabicLetterTokenizer   Tokenizer that breaks text into runs of letters and diacritics.  code | html
ArabicNormalizationFilter   A TokenFilter that applies ArabicNormalizer to normalize the orthography.  code | html
ArabicNormalizer   Normalizer for Arabic.  code | html
ArabicStemFilter   A TokenFilter that applies ArabicStemmer to stem Arabic words..  code | html
ArabicStemmer   Stemmer for Arabic.  code | html