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EmptyTokenStream   An always exhausted token stream.  code | html
PatternAnalyzer   Efficient Lucene analyzer/tokenizer that preferably operates on a String rather than a java.io.Reader , that can flexibly separate text into terms via a regular expression Pattern (with behaviour identical to String#split(String) ), and that combines the functionality of org.apache.lucene.analysis.LetterTokenizer , org.apache.lucene.analysis.LowerCaseTokenizer , org.apache.lucene.analysis.WhitespaceTokenizer , org.apache.lucene.analysis.StopFilter into a single efficient multi-purpose class.  code | html
PatternAnalyzer.FastStringReader   A StringReader that exposes it's contained string for fast direct access.  code | html
PatternAnalyzer.FastStringTokenizer   Special-case class for best performance in common cases; this class is otherwise unnecessary.  code | html
PatternAnalyzer.PatternTokenizer   The work horse; performance isn't fantastic, but it's not nearly as bad as one might think - kudos to the Sun regex developers.  code | html
PrefixAndSuffixAwareTokenFilter   Links two PrefixAwareTokenFilter code | html
PrefixAwareTokenFilter   Joins two token streams and leaves the last token of the first stream available to be used when updating the token values in the second stream based on that token.  code | html
SingleTokenTokenStream   A TokenStream containing a single token.  code | html