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public class: QualityBenchmark [javadoc | source]
Main entry point for running a quality benchmark.

There are two main configurations for running a quality benchmark:

The first configuration requires a non null Judge . The second configuration requires a non null SubmissionLogger .
Field Summary
protected  QualityQuery[] qualityQueries    Quality Queries that this quality benchmark would execute. 
protected  QualityQueryParser qqParser    Parser for turning QualityQueries into Lucene Queries. 
protected  Searcher searcher    Index to be searched. 
protected  String docNameField    index field to extract doc name for each search result; used for judging the results. 
 public QualityBenchmark(QualityQuery[] qqs,
    QualityQueryParser qqParser,
    Searcher searcher,
    String docNameField) 
    Create a QualityBenchmark.
    qqs - quality queries to run.
    qqParser - parser for turning QualityQueries into Lucene Queries.
    searcher - index to be searched.
    docNameField - name of field containing the document name. This allows to extract the doc name for search results, and is important for judging the results.
Method from org.apache.lucene.benchmark.quality.QualityBenchmark Summary:
execute,   getMaxQueries,   getMaxResults,   setMaxQueries,   setMaxResults
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Method from org.apache.lucene.benchmark.quality.QualityBenchmark Detail:
 public QualityStats[] execute(Judge judge,
    SubmissionReport submitRep,
    PrintWriter qualityLog) throws Exception 
    Run the quality benchmark.
 public int getMaxQueries() 
 public int getMaxResults() 
 public  void setMaxQueries(int maxQueries) 
    Set the maximum number of quality queries to run. Useful at debugging.
 public  void setMaxResults(int maxResults) 
    set the maximum number of results to collect for each quality query.