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public class: QualityStats [javadoc | source]
Results of quality benchmark run for a single query or for a set of queries.
Nested Class Summary:
public static class  QualityStats.RecallPoint  A certain rank in which a relevant doc was found. 
Field Summary
public static final  int MAX_POINTS    Number of points for which precision is computed. 
 public QualityStats(double maxGoodPoints,
    long searchTime) 
Method from org.apache.lucene.benchmark.quality.QualityStats Summary:
addResult,   average,   getAvp,   getDocNamesExtractTime,   getMRR,   getMaxGoodPoints,   getNumGoodPoints,   getNumPoints,   getPrecisionAt,   getRecall,   getRecallPoints,   getSearchTime,   log
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Method from org.apache.lucene.benchmark.quality.QualityStats Detail:
 public  void addResult(int n,
    boolean isRelevant,
    long docNameExtractTime) 
    Add a (possibly relevant) doc.
 public static QualityStats average(QualityStats[] stats) 
    Create a QualityStats object that is the average of the input QualityStats objects.
 public double getAvp() 
    Return the average precision at recall points.
 public long getDocNamesExtractTime() 
    Returns the time it took to extract doc names for judging the measured query, in milliseconds.
 public double getMRR() 
 public double getMaxGoodPoints() 
    Returns the maximal number of good points. This is the number of relevant docs known by the judge for the measured query.
 public double getNumGoodPoints() 
    Returns the number of good points (only relevant points).
 public double getNumPoints() 
    Returns the number of points (both relevant and irrelevant points).
 public double getPrecisionAt(int n) 
    Return the precision at rank n: |{relevant hits within first n hits}| / n.
 public double getRecall() 
    Return the recall: |{relevant hits found}| / |{relevant hits existing}|.
 public RecallPoint[] getRecallPoints() 
    Returns the recallPoints.
 public long getSearchTime() 
    Returns the search time in milliseconds for the measured query.
 public  void log(String title,
    int paddLines,
    PrintWriter logger,
    String prefix) 
    Log information on this QualityStats object.