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public interface: TermDocs [javadoc | source]

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    AbstractAllTermDocs, MultiTermDocs, AllTermDocs, MultiTermPositions, SegmentTermPositions, GCJTermDocs, SegmentTermDocs, MultipleTermPositions, MultiTermPositions, InstantiatedTermPositions, MySegmentTermDocs, TermPositions, InstantiatedTermDocs, ParallelTermPositions, FilterTermDocs, FilterTermPositions, ParallelTermDocs, MultiTermDocs, InstantiatedAllTermDocs

TermDocs provides an interface for enumerating <document, frequency> pairs for a term.

The document portion names each document containing the term. Documents are indicated by number. The frequency portion gives the number of times the term occurred in each document.

The pairs are ordered by document number.

Method from org.apache.lucene.index.TermDocs Summary:
close,   doc,   freq,   next,   read,   seek,   seek,   skipTo
Method from org.apache.lucene.index.TermDocs Detail:
 public  void close() throws IOException
    Frees associated resources.
 public int doc()
    Returns the current document number.

    This is invalid until #next() is called for the first time.

 public int freq()
    Returns the frequency of the term within the current document.

    This is invalid until #next() is called for the first time.

 public boolean next() throws IOException
    Moves to the next pair in the enumeration.

    Returns true iff there is such a next pair in the enumeration.

 public int read(int[] docs,
    int[] freqs) throws IOException
    Attempts to read multiple entries from the enumeration, up to length of docs. Document numbers are stored in docs, and term frequencies are stored in freqs. The freqs array must be as long as the docs array.

    Returns the number of entries read. Zero is only returned when the stream has been exhausted.

 public  void seek(Term term) throws IOException
    Sets this to the data for a term. The enumeration is reset to the start of the data for this term.
 public  void seek(TermEnum termEnum) throws IOException
    Sets this to the data for the current term in a TermEnum . This may be optimized in some implementations.
 public boolean skipTo(int target) throws IOException
    Skips entries to the first beyond the current whose document number is greater than or equal to target.

    Returns true iff there is such an entry.

    Behaves as if written:

      boolean skipTo(int target) {
        do {
          if (!next())
    	     return false;
        } while (target > doc());
        return true;
    Some implementations are considerably more efficient than that.