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public class: NLS [javadoc | source]

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MessageBundles classes extend this class, to implement a bundle. For Native Language Support (NLS), system of software internationalization. This interface is similar to the NLS class in eclipse.osgi.util.NLS class - initializeMessages() method resets the values of all static strings, should only be called by classes that extend from NLS (see TestMessages.java for reference) - performs validation of all message in a bundle, at class load time - performs per message validation at runtime - see NLSTest.java for usage reference MessageBundle classes may subclass this type.
 protected NLS() 
Method from org.apache.lucene.messages.NLS Summary:
getLocalizedMessage,   getLocalizedMessage,   getLocalizedMessage,   getLocalizedMessage,   initializeMessages
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Method from org.apache.lucene.messages.NLS Detail:
 public static String getLocalizedMessage(String key) 
 public static String getLocalizedMessage(String key,
    Locale locale) 
 public static String getLocalizedMessage(String key,
    Object args) 
 public static String getLocalizedMessage(String key,
    Locale locale,
    Object args) 
 protected static  void initializeMessages(String bundleName,
    Class clazz) 
    Initialize a given class with the message bundle Keys Should be called from a class that extends NLS in a static block at class load time.