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BooleanModifierNode   A BooleanModifierNode has the same behaviour as ModifierQueryNode , it only indicates that this modifier was added by GroupQueryNodeProcessor and not by the user.  code | html
MultiPhraseQueryNode   A MultiPhraseQueryNode indicates that its children should be used to build a MultiPhraseQuery instead of PhraseQuery code | html
PrefixWildcardQueryNode   A PrefixWildcardQueryNode represents wildcardquery that matches abc* or *.  code | html
RangeQueryNode   This query node represents a range query.  code | html
StandardBooleanQueryNode   A StandardBooleanQueryNode has the same behavior as BooleanQueryNode code | html
WildcardQueryNode   A WildcardQueryNode represents wildcard query This does not apply to phrases.  code | html