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abstract public static class: FieldCache.CacheEntry [javadoc | source]
EXPERT: A unique Identifier/Description for each item in the FieldCache. Can be useful for logging/debugging.

EXPERIMENTAL API: This API is considered extremely advanced and experimental. It may be removed or altered w/o warning in future releases of Lucene.

Method from org.apache.lucene.search.FieldCache$CacheEntry Summary:
estimateSize,   estimateSize,   getCacheType,   getCustom,   getEstimatedSize,   getFieldName,   getReaderKey,   getValue,   setEstimatedSize,   toString
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Method from org.apache.lucene.search.FieldCache$CacheEntry Detail:
 public  void estimateSize() 
 public  void estimateSize(RamUsageEstimator ramCalc) 
    Computes (and stores) the estimated size of the cache Value
 abstract public Class getCacheType()
 abstract public Object getCustom()
 public final String getEstimatedSize() 
    The most recently estimated size of the value, null unless estimateSize has been called.
 abstract public String getFieldName()
 abstract public Object getReaderKey()
 abstract public Object getValue()
 protected final  void setEstimatedSize(String size) 
 public String toString()