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public class: PrefixQuery [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Cloneable, Serializable

A Query that matches documents containing terms with a specified prefix. A PrefixQuery is built by QueryParser for input like app*.

This query uses the MultiTermQuery#CONSTANT_SCORE_AUTO_REWRITE_DEFAULT rewrite method.
Fields inherited from org.apache.lucene.search.MultiTermQuery:
 public PrefixQuery(Term prefix) 
    Constructs a query for terms starting with prefix.
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equals,   getEnum,   getPrefix,   hashCode,   toString
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clearTotalNumberOfTerms,   equals,   getEnum,   getRewriteMethod,   getTotalNumberOfTerms,   hashCode,   incTotalNumberOfTerms,   rewrite,   setRewriteMethod
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Method from org.apache.lucene.search.PrefixQuery Detail:
 public boolean equals(Object obj) 
 protected FilteredTermEnum getEnum(IndexReader reader) throws IOException 
 public Term getPrefix() 
    Returns the prefix of this query.
 public int hashCode() 
 public String toString(String field) 
    Prints a user-readable version of this query.