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static class: WeightedSpanTermExtractor.PositionCheckingMap [javadoc | source]
      java.util.HashMap<K, WeightedSpanTerm>$PositionCheckingMap

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Map, java$io$Serializable, Cloneable

This class makes sure that if both position sensitive and insensitive versions of the same term are added, the position insensitive one wins.
Fields inherited from java.util.HashMap:
DEFAULT_INITIAL_CAPACITY,  MAXIMUM_CAPACITY,  DEFAULT_LOAD_FACTOR,  table,  size,  threshold,  loadFactor,  modCount
Fields inherited from java.util.AbstractMap:
keySet,  values
Method from$PositionCheckingMap Summary:
put,   putAll
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Method from$PositionCheckingMap Detail:
 public WeightedSpanTerm put(K key,
    WeightedSpanTerm value) 
 public  void putAll(Map m)