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public class: TestSpans [javadoc | source]
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Field Summary
public static final  String field     
Method from org.apache.lucene.search.spans.TestSpans Summary:
makeSpanTermQuery,   orderedSlopTest3,   setUp,   testSpanNearOrdered01,   testSpanNearOrdered02,   testSpanNearOrdered03,   testSpanNearOrdered04,   testSpanNearOrdered05
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Method from org.apache.lucene.search.spans.TestSpans Detail:
 public SpanTermQuery makeSpanTermQuery(String text) 
 public  void orderedSlopTest3(int slop,
    int[] expectedDocs) throws IOException 
 public  void setUp() throws Exception 
 public  void testSpanNearOrdered01() throws Exception 
 public  void testSpanNearOrdered02() throws Exception 
 public  void testSpanNearOrdered03() throws Exception 
 public  void testSpanNearOrdered04() throws Exception 
 public  void testSpanNearOrdered05() throws Exception