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FragListBuilder   FragListBuilder is an interface for FieldFragList builder classes.  code | html
FragmentsBuilder   FragmentsBuilder is an interface for fragments (snippets) builder classes.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

BaseFragmentsBuilder   Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements.  code | html


FastVectorHighlighter   Another highlighter implementation.  code | html
FieldFragList   FieldFragList has a list of "frag info" that is used by FragmentsBuilder class to create fragments (snippets).  code | html
FieldFragList.WeightedFragInfo     code | html
FieldFragList.WeightedFragInfo.SubInfo     code | html
FieldPhraseList   FieldPhraseList has a list of WeightedPhraseInfo that is used by FragListBuilder to create a FieldFragList object.  code | html
FieldPhraseList.WeightedPhraseInfo     code | html
FieldPhraseList.WeightedPhraseInfo.Toffs     code | html
FieldQuery   FieldQuery breaks down query object into terms/phrases and keep them in QueryPhraseMap structure.  code | html
FieldQuery.QueryPhraseMap     code | html
FieldTermStack   FieldTermStack is a stack that keeps query terms in the specified field of the document to be highlighted.  code | html
FieldTermStack.TermInfo     code | html
ScoreOrderFragmentsBuilder   An implementation of FragmentsBuilder that outputs score-order fragments.  code | html
ScoreOrderFragmentsBuilder.ScoreComparator     code | html
SimpleFragListBuilder   A simple implementation of FragListBuilder.  code | html
SimpleFragmentsBuilder   A simple implementation of FragmentsBuilder.  code | html