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abstract public class: StringHelper [javadoc | source]
Methods for manipulating strings.
Field Summary
public static  StringInterner interner    Expert: The StringInterner implementation used by Lucene. This shouldn't be changed to an incompatible implementation after other Lucene APIs have been used. 
Method from org.apache.lucene.util.StringHelper Summary:
bytesDifference,   intern,   stringDifference
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Method from org.apache.lucene.util.StringHelper Detail:
 public static final int bytesDifference(byte[] bytes1,
    int len1,
    byte[] bytes2,
    int len2) 
    Compares two byte[] arrays, element by element, and returns the number of elements common to both arrays.
 public static String intern(String s) 
    Return the same string object for all equal strings
 public static final int stringDifference(String s1,
    String s2) 
    Compares two strings, character by character, and returns the first position where the two strings differ from one another.