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AnalyzerUtil   Various fulltext analysis utilities avoiding redundant code in several classes.  code | html
AnalyzerUtil.MutableInteger     code | html
SynExpand   Expand a query by looking up synonyms for every term.  code | html
SynLookup   Test program to look up synonyms.  code | html
SynLookup.CountingCollector     code | html
SynonymMap   Loads the WordNet prolog file wn_s.pl into a thread-safe main-memory hash map that can be used for fast high-frequency lookups of synonyms for any given (lowercase) word string.  code | html
SynonymTokenFilter   Injects additional tokens for synonyms of token terms fetched from the underlying child stream; the child stream must deliver lowercase tokens for synonyms to be found.  code | html
Syns2Index   Convert the prolog file wn_s.pl from the WordNet prolog download into a Lucene index suitable for looking up synonyms and performing query expansion (SynExpand.expand(...) ).  code | html