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public class: CoreParser [javadoc | source]

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Assembles a QueryBuilder which uses only core Lucene Query objects
Field Summary
protected  Analyzer analyzer     
protected  QueryParser parser     
protected  QueryBuilderFactory queryFactory     
protected  FilterBuilderFactory filterFactory     
public static  int maxNumCachedFilters     
 public CoreParser(Analyzer analyzer,
    QueryParser parser) 
    Construct an XML parser that uses a single instance QueryParser for handling UserQuery tags - all parse operations are synchronised on this parser
    analyzer -
    parser - A QueryParser which will be synchronized on during parse calls.
 public CoreParser(String defaultField,
    Analyzer analyzer) 
    Constructs an XML parser that creates a QueryParser for each UserQuery request.
    defaultField - The default field name used by QueryParsers constructed for UserQuery tags
    analyzer -
 protected CoreParser(String defaultField,
    Analyzer analyzer,
    QueryParser parser) 
Method from org.apache.lucene.xmlparser.CoreParser Summary:
addFilterBuilder,   addQueryBuilder,   getQuery,   parse
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Method from org.apache.lucene.xmlparser.CoreParser Detail:
 public  void addFilterBuilder(String nodeName,
    FilterBuilder builder) 
 public  void addQueryBuilder(String nodeName,
    QueryBuilder builder) 
 public Query getQuery(Element e) throws ParserException 
 public Query parse(InputStream xmlStream) throws ParserException